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If you’ve ever driven an older car, you know the difference between using a power steering system and not. Your car’s steering wheel is powered by a power steering pump which pressurizes power steering fluid to make your steering wheel turn. Your steering system relies on power steering pumps that are generated by a belt powered by your car’s engine.

Some power steering systems are powered electronically. These utilize high pressure hoses that move fluid from the pump to the steering gear. If this fluid isn’t clean, the system can function less efficiently. This fluid is in charge of cooling, cleaning and lubricating the power steering system.

As part of your complimentary courtesy inspection, the ASE certified technicians at Loren’s Auto Repair check the power steering fluids. If you need a power steering fluid flush, Loren’s Auto Repair is the place to go. The ASE certified technicians have plenty of experience in protecting your power steering pump, power steering hoses and steering system with power steering fluid flushes. This removes your old fluid, and cleans your power steering system with a detergent and conditioner,

Your power steering system is then flushed and filled with new fluid based on manufacturer’s standards. Loren’s Auto Repair maintains a longstanding business tradition in the Flathead Valley because their expert ASE certified technicians provide the best services and products possible, without selling you unnecessary services or repairs. Since 1993, Loren’s Auto Repair has provided quality auto service and earned accreditation in the AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Program. This program identifies top service facilities in the area, so customers know they are dealing with honest, certified experts.

Signs of power steering problems include erratic steering, difficulty making a turn, loud whining noises and constantly low fluid. These can be signs of power steering system damage. Make sure you have your fluid checked to maintain a power steering system that turns in your favor. The ASE certified experts at Loren’s Auto Repair have more than 70 years experience in keeping vehicles safe and part of preventive maintenance includes suspension or drive train checkups. Loren's Auto Repair is located in Kalispell, MT. Our shop proudly serves customers from Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and Bigfork and surrounding areas.
Power Steering Repair

Power Steering Repair