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The best Audi Service Repair in Kalispell. At Loren's Audi Auto Repair in Kalispell, MT, our goal is to help you get the most out of your Audi vehicle and is equipped to handle anything from routine maintenance to major repairs. It also offers Audi Genuine Parts and Accessories.Whether your Audi simply needs basic maintenance services like an oil change or a more in-depth Audi repair, our nationally certified technicians offer the best technical expertise to keep your Audi safe and running worry free.  When you need Audi service repair in Kalispell, MT call on the professionals at Loren's Auto Repair.

At Loren's Audi Auto Repair we have been specializing in Audi repair for over 20 years. We have the experience and knowledge to do your Audi repair in the Kalispell area correctly, the first time. Our owner, Travis Sallee and family  has been working with Audi since the original Audi Quattro, that means we have almost 30 years of Audi knowledge. You won't find that much hands on experience at any import shops in the Kalispell area .

Loren's Audi Auto Repair has three primary things that we like to focus on. Audis, customer service and quality. Audi repairs we have covered, but customer service and quality are thta we work on every single day to get better at. We wont quit and we wont stop until we have your service 100% correct and smaile on your face.

If you are in the Kalispell, MT and need your Audi repaired by an authorized shop then give us a call. We are certified by both Audi and Volkswagen for control module coding and use a state-of-the-art VAS 6150 system. We are located in Kalispell, MT, only a short distance from where you are right now!

Audi was originally developed in 1909 in Germany and the name means “listen”. The company has been through a number of changes in the last century, but one thing has remained true, that they make highly desired vehicles that people want to drive.  Audi offers a very wide range of vehicles from the Supermini, Executive Cars, full size luxury cars, as well as sports cars and sport utility vehicles.

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