PCV Valve Replacement

Energy from exploding fuel is what powers your engine, and some of the vapors from those explosions escape into the lower part of the engine, which is called the crankcase. These gases are made up of nearly 70 percent unburned fuel. If the gases are allowed to remain in the crankcase, they can quickly contaminate the oil and turn it into sludge. Sludge is one of the biggest enemies of your engine—and it eventually leads to engine failure. The pressure build up can also cause seals and gaskets to blow, which is why the gases need proper ventilation.

Gasoline engines used to include a hose that let the poisonous fumes vent out into the air. Since 1963, the federal government has required gas engines to have a special one-way valve installed to help reduce dangerous emissions.

The positive crankcase ventilation valve routes crankcase gases through a hose and back into the air intake system where they are re-burned in the engine. Clean air is pushed into the crankcase through a breather tube. The re-circulating air removes moisture and combustion waste from the crankcase, preventing sludge. This extends not only the life of your oil, but the life of your engine too. The PCV relieves pressure in the crankcase, preventing oil leaks.

Eventually, your vehicle’s PCV valve will become gummed up. Once that happens, it can’t move enough air through the engine to keep it working efficiently. If the PCV valve is sticking enough, it will result in oil leaks, excess oil consumption, and a failing intake system. If you experience surging, hesitation, or leaking oil, it could mean that your PCV valve needs to be repaired.

Consult your owners’ manual for recommended PCV replacement intervals. Most manufacturers recommend having it replaced between 20 and 50 thousand miles. However, some manufacturers don’t list intervals for PCV replacement.

Usually, we can diagnose PCV system problems with a visual inspection. Fortunately, PCV valve replacement is both quick and inexpensive. Proper oil changes will greatly extend the life of the PCV valve. Skipping a few recommended oil changes can allow varnish and gum to build up in the valve, reducing its efficiency.

If you have had your car for a while and this is the first you’ve ever heard of a PCV value, ask your tech to check yours out or call Loren’s Auto Repair at 406-755-7757.

Wheels To Thrive Information

Why We’re Doing It (Wheels To Thrive)

In 2011, Loren and Denise Sallee asked their son Travis to move back home and help out with the family auto repair business. Travis wanted to help and moved home with his wife Sandy and their daughter Cielo. Once he got home, he started seeking training and education opportunities within the industry so that he could continue his parents legacy and commitment to service with integrity. It was at one of those trainings early in 2011 where Travis got the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion with other shop owners from around the nation. One of the shop owners had the idea to give a car away. It made sense, after all we fix cars all day long for people and often we have the chance to come across a vehicle that simply needs too much work for the owner to justify, but where the car is still nice enough to fix and can be of service to someone else.

Travis and his parents talked about how they could go about giving away a car. Just giving the car to someone they knew didn’t seem right either. After you have been in this business for a while, you definitely start to learn that there are a lot of people who need cars. If we gave the car to one just person, we’d have to leave out everyone else we know who may need a car. Then the idea of giving back to our community came along. Loren and Denise have a long history of working with groups and charitable organizations within the valley and they know that there are many good people out in the community who are actively trying to make the world a better place and serve other people. Finding a deserving person that we could help by giving reliable transportation to seemed like the right fit and the right way to go about giving away a special prize like a new car.

It took a couple years to put the program together and in 2014 we were able to give our first car away. Now in 2017 we are able to give our second car away. This year our giveaway vehicle is a 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. We think that just about any of our typical customers would be proud to own and drive a vehicle just like this on a daily basis. The vehicle did need quite a bit of work to make it reliable again, but we did it. We fixed everything we could find on it. We even put brand new tires on it.

So as a family owned business, here we are, ready to give a away our second car. We are very proud to have this opportunity to give back to our community. We’re excited to find the right person and make a difference in their life. Giving back to our community is important to us and we hope that you will participate by spreading the word or nominating someone you know who is out there serving others.

Thank you,
lorens auto repair wheels to thrive