What To Do After You Buy a Used Vehicle in Kalispell

lorens auto repair used car checklist

There are a couple of things to consider when buying a used car in the Kalispell area. For one thing, if the vehicle didn’t come with maintenance records, you need to be prepared for the worst possible maintenance scenario. The coolant system and transmission may have never been serviced, and the cabin air filter has probably never been changed. Your vehicle probably needs a fuel system cleaning to keep your engine clean and running effectively. used car checklist

At Loren's Auto Repair, we can check the air conditioning, battery, engine air filter, serpentine belt, and hoses. An inspection at Loren's Auto Repair can help you to ascertain any necessary repairs to keep your used vehicle up and running in perfect order for as long as possible.

If your “new” used vehicle has more miles on it, an inspection is even more important. Consult your owner’s manual or talk with your service advisor at Loren's Auto Repair (call 406-755-7757) about what you can do to ensure the safety and performance of your new vehicle. You should consider having the timing belt inspected, as they can be fairly expensive to replace when they fail. used car checklist

Loren's Auto Repair will help you with a plan to take care of critical services and to your new vehicle caught up on its routine maintenance schedule. If your budget won’t allow you to take care of everything right away, we can help you prioritize your needs and get the most important parts of your maintenance list serviced first. Always remember to keep track of any maintenance you provide for your vehicle, that way you can resell it later without additional problems. used car checklist

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