Engine Maintenance, Repair and Engine Replacement Services in Lakeside, MT

If your engine isn’t working properly, chances are you’re in for a costly repair. An engine replacement can set you thousands behind. With preventative maintenance, you can keep your car’s engine running smoothly. Your engine is a complex arrangement of electrical systems, complicated mechanical systems, belts, chains and seals, and they all operate under high temperatures to keep you going down the road. Engine Repair. Engine Repair Lakeside, MT

Preventative maintenance is the first step to maintain a resilient engine. When we think of engine failure, timing belts and timing chains are generally what come to mind. Depending on the make of your car, these should be checked every 60,000 miles and again at 100,000 miles.

Another sign of engine problems are oil leaks. Oil leaks indicate the need to service your car and can be the result of poor maintenance. When the oil leaks from your engine, the seals are deprived of lubrication and they become dry and brittle. This can lead to fluid loss, and if left un-serviced, to catastrophic engine failures. Engine Repair Lakeside.

Being attentive about fluid flushes, fuel injection cleanings and routine maintenance are all keys to keeping your car’s engine a happy engine. Like a yearly checkup, your car needs a regular tune-up. Depending on the make and model of your car, the services included in a tune up can differ. For the most part, however, a tune up includes spark plug replacement, spark plug wire inspection, setting the timing belt or timing chain, diagnostic inspection of engine parts and the replacement of air and fuel filters.

A car’s engine is a complex machine that relies on the car’s ignition system to start up. Maintaining both your engine and your ignition system ensures your car is healthy. Loren’s Auto Repair provides maintenance, service and repair for your car’s ignition systems including the crank case, ignition wires, water pump, fuel pumps, oxygen sensors, distributor cap and rotor.

Maintaining your vehicle prevents major catastrophic break downs and repairs in the long run and also keeps your car fuel efficient. Loren’s Auto Repair specializes in keeping your car healthy with fluid flushes, fuel injection cleanings, fuel system cleaning services and other preventative car maintenance services.

Loren’s Auto Repair maintains a longstanding business tradition in the Flathead Valley because their expert ASE certified technicians provide the best services and products possible, without selling you unnecessary services or repairs. Since 1985, Loren’s Auto Repair has provided quality auto service and earned accreditation in the AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Program. This program identifies top service facilities in the area, so customers know they are dealing with honest, certified experts.

Loren’s Auto Repair is located in Kalispell, MT. Our shop proudly serves customers from Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Lakeside and surrounding areas.

Engine Repair Lakeside, MT

Engine repair Lakeside

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Steve Waatti
Steve Waatti
17:44 05 Apr 18
Best Shop in town. Very clean and well organized. No extra BS charges or anything fishy. Full vehicle inspections with oil changes. Very knowledgeable crew. I bring all my personal and company vehicles to Loren's. Highly recommended.
Ricky Chevy
Ricky Chevy
21:04 15 Jan 18
Excellent service!! We are from Wisconsin and found Loren's on the web. They were able to fly in a new front axle and get us on the road in just 3 days at a very reasonable price. A quick follow up visit for adjustments allowed us to continue our vacation as planned. Absolutely recommend them. Mark was personable and knowledgeable, they offered a shuttle service and John was a great technician for our Xterra!!
Hallie K
Hallie K
02:04 06 Jan 18
This was the best car repair shop I have ever done business with. For being a young woman, who honestly doesn’t know a ton about cars, they were very thorough in explaining things and I trusted that they weren’t trying to rip me off based off my lack of knowledge or me being a young girl. Too many times have mechanics/car maintenance men try and rip me off. Once someone tried to charge me $180 for an oil change! Ridiculous. But not with these guys. They were awesome. My car broke down at a horrible time when I was busy with work and about to go on vacation. I had my car towed there and didn’t have time to stop by. They inspected it very soon after that, and got ahold of me. Then I was out of town for a couple weeks and they let me keep my car there. Even when I got back they had put it in the shop the night before so all the snow would melt. They were very friendly and even have a complimentary shuttle service when needed. I wish I could give the names of all the people who helped! Chad was awesome and answered all my questions and my dads when he called from a state away haha! The young girl who picked me up from the shuttle was super nice and has good people skills. If I ever have car problems again they will definitely be who I go to. Thanks guys!
Monica Taylor
Monica Taylor
21:37 08 Nov 17
Lorens never disappoints! They continually meet above my expectations. They met competitive rates, they have been upfront with charges and even gave me a loaner vehicle while doing their repairs. I will only ever use this shop. Mark at service desk is amazing and very knowledgeable!
Erika Myhre
Erika Myhre
14:03 29 Aug 17
I'm out here in West Glacier on vacation. During the trip, we hit a pothole and the exhaust started making a loud noise. We figured a hole had rusted open or something similar. We called Loren's Auto Repair to get it checked out, and they were awesome with recommendations. They let us explain the issue and then confirmed what we thought it was. They weren't able to get us in before we left, but they were kind enough to suggest a mechanic in town that possibly could squeeze us in. This conversation was a sign of trust and good business. The prices they quoted were fair and had excellent customer service. Thanks!
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