Autorepair service in Columbia Falls When you need your car or truck fixed in Columbia Falls, look no further than Loren's Auto Repair! Life in Columbia Falls Mountain magic and valley bliss, long summer days and deep fluffy winter months. There is something magical about living in this northeast corner of the Flathead Valley, Montana. This is the edge of the wilderness, where the sparkling Flathead River flows from Bad Rock Canyon and meanders along the edge of Columbia Falls, where home town hospitality and original small town flare are the norm. Auto repair Columbia Falls MT The people here are vibrant and passionate about their good fortune to call this home. They spend their free time getting out there and into the great outdoors. Life here is adventurous and neighborly, slightly affected by the weather, and can be absolutely breathtaking whenever you choose it. Our forests, fields and fresh air offer endless recreation year round. Although Columbia Falls and the surrounding smaller communities are at the edge of wilderness, we are not without our comforts. Locals enjoy a brewery and distillery, have three summer open air markets, and see live music at indoor and outdoor venues. Our growing array of restaurants offer incredible quality and delicious local fare, and there is a brand new anchor hotel to complement the array of cabins, lodges and vacation rentals in the area. The goal at Loren’s Auto is to listen intently to your concerns, to answer any questions you might have, and to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your car repairs. Our goal is to teach — never to sell — and to make sure that you’re comfortable in your decisions. Before you authorize any repairs, we want you to know what the repair does, why we recommend that you do it, and how much you can save in the long run by having the repair done. After Hours Key Drop Box When you need to drop off a vehicle after hours, Loren’s Auto Repair has set up an after-hours key drop box. When looking at our office, it is the blue box mounted on the wall to the right of the of the front door. Inside are envelopes which you can fill out with your contact information, seal up and put through the security slot. Don’t forget to lock your car before leaving! Want to make an appointment at Loren’s Auto? Visit our Appointments Page to schedule a repair!

Auto Repair Columbia Falls MT