Fuel System Services Bigfork, MT

Just like your body needs food to run, your car needs fuel to run. Your car may be more or less fuel efficient than others. With certain services, however, you can increase your fuel efficiency. In addition to regular maintenance, there are ways to maximize and increase fuel efficiency. Proper service and maintenance includes cleaning the fuel system regularly.

Cleaning the fuel system removes engine deposits and cleans cylinders, allowing your car’s catalytic converter and exhaust system to last longer. Dirty fuel systems make your car feel sluggish, and result in low fuel mileage and dirty spark plugs. When your car is running, injectors spray fuel through an injection nozzle into the combustion chamber. If wear, build-up and deposits are in these chambers, the injectors can’t spray fuel vapor efficiently into the chamber and this results in streams of fuel onto the chamber. Your car’s performance is downgraded by the streams of fuel because they burn poorly, which results in hesitation and performance problems. A fuel system cleaning treatment or fuel injection cleaning removes build up from the injectors and fuel lines, and replaces your old fuel filter with a clean fuel filter. Fuel System Services in Bigfork.

Another benefit from tackling a dirty fuel and inefficient fuel system is the preventative maintenance that stunts future costlier repairs. Improper fuel burning is a major catalyst for catalytic converter failure, which is an expensive repair.

Let Loren’s Auto Repair keep your vehicle running smooth and save you money with fuel efficiency. Preventative maintenance on your fuel system is just another way to prevent costly repairs or system replacements.

Fuel System Services Bigfork, MT

Fuel System Services Bigfork