Braking News: Keep Your Stopping Power

Having your vehicle’s brakes inspected is part of every vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule. At Loren's Auto Repair, we will check your brake system, correct any potential safety issues, and replace necessary parts.

If you are experiencing unusual symptoms while applying your brakes, it is absolutely essential that you bring your car into Loren's Auto Repair right away. Signs that your brakes need repair are squealing or grinding sounds when you brake, vibrations or clunking sounds when you brake, a brake warning light that stays on, a hard brake pedal, or a low or spongy brake pedal.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to get your brakes checked.

Your vehicle will come with one of two types of brakes, disc or drum. Disc brakes have a rotor that’s attached to the axle. Calipers straddle the rotor, much like the brakes on a bicycle. Drum brakes are more common on back wheels. Both types have pads or shoes that press against the brakes to slow the vehicle down. Brake pads and brake shoes are made from a very durable material that was designed to withstand the heat and force generated when you stop your car. Eventually, they wear out with use and need to be replaced.

If the brake pads wear our completely, it will cause damage to your rotors. The calipers will grind out grooves in the rotor. Then the rotor needs to be either resurfaced or replaced. When your rotors have grooves in them from the calipers, it can be fairly expensive, and it is also dangerous because your vehicle can’t stop as quickly. Sometimes rotors warp or crack, and they need to be replaced.

Brake service will also include a check of your brake fluid. When the brakes are applied, the pressure in the fluid activates the brake pads or shoes. When there isn’t enough fluid, you aren’t able to brake properly. Water can build up in the brake fluid over time, which leads to corrosion, leaks, and even brake failure. You should change the brake at the recommended intervals outlined in your vehicle’s owner manual.
There are also different grades of brake pads, a lower grade, a standard grade, and a premium grade. Higher grades cost more, but they also provide increased braking performance and smoother operation. It’s always beneficial to upgrade your brake pads, but you should never use a grade that’s lower than manufacturer’s recommendation.

Make sure you are properly maintaining your brakes; it is much less expensive to take care of them now than it is to pay for repairs after an accident occurs.

Come in to Loren's Auto Repair for an brake inspection before damage occurs. You can call ahead for an appointment by calling 406-755-7757.