Protecting Your Vehicle From Theft In Kalispell Montana

Protecting Your Vehicle From Theft In Kalispell Montana

Every car in the Kalispell area is at risk for theft. So it's up to us to make your car a less appealing target and one that presents more of a challenge to potential thieves – hopefully sending potential thieves to look elsewhere.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, it is best to take a layered approach to protecting your vehicle. They advise common sense, visible and audible device, immobilizing devices, and tracking devices as practical methods for deterring theft.

Common sense seems like a fairly obvious method, but you would be surprised how many vehicles are stolen in the Kalispell area with the keys left in the ignition and the doors unlocked. Always take your keys, and lock the doors. In fact, in some places it's against the law to leave a vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition.

Don't leave spare keys in the car or hide them outside, because a thief will find them. Try to park in well-lit areas frequented by other people. If possible, park near the end of a row and near a light. Back your car into a parking space to make your car more visible to other drivers..
Remember to roll up your windows completely and avoid leaving your car in public lots for lengths of time. If you park your car in a lot with an attendant, only give him or her your ignition key.

Keep valuables out of sight. Your purse or wallet, cellphone, clothing, and change are all attractive targets for thieves. It’s also a good idea to pay to have your VIN number—or vehicle identification number—etched into your window. It makes your car more difficult for thieves to resell.
There are multiple choices available for visible and audible theft deterrent systems. A steering wheel lock is clearly visible, and it will deter most thieves. A loud car alarm can be an indication that someone is tampering with your vehicle. But if your alarm does go off, be smart in how you react. Take the time to observe what’s happening around your vehicle, including suspicious people, vehicles, and license plate numbers. If you catch a thief in the ac it is important to call the police, but do not approach the person or put yourself in a potentially threatening situation.
Immobilizing devices are another great deterrent to protect your car from thieves. Your immobilizing device will actually shut down the vehicle’s electrical system or fuel supply. If you don’t have a key to the vehicle, and if you don’t know where the hidden switch is located, you can’t drive off with the vehicle.

You can also get a tracking device installed in your vehicle so that police can track down your car in the event that it is stolen and recover it quickly. Oftentimes, you car insurance provider will offer a discount for using deterrents such as these. If you live in high-risk area, investing in these types of security systems is a useful tool for deterring theft.

And of course, you can always come see us, at Loren’s Auto Repair, for more practical advice about keeping your vehicle safe from theft.

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