Keeping Cool: Air Conditioning Service

If you hear a loud noise under the hood when you turn on your air conditioner, or if you only get air sporadically, it is time to have your air conditioner checked. Many people take their air conditioner for granted. They push a button and out comes cool, dry, clean air. But to keep it that way, your system needs routine maintenance.

Your air conditioning system is fairly complex, and it has a lot of parts that are expensive to repair. There are many steps that you can take to prevent your air conditioner from breaking down. A common cause of air conditioning failure is a leak resulting from water and air that has leaked into the system. The system can’t work well when there is air in it, and water can cause rust to build up on the A/C components. Refrigerant can leak out, which reduces the efficiency of the system, and makes it work harder to cool the air. Periodically evacuating the air conditioning system and recharging it keeps the proper amount of clean refrigerant in the system so that it cools better and lasts longer.

You should also run the air conditioner regularly, even in the wintertime. This helps to keep it lubricated and keeps the seals from drying out. Your owner's manual will include routine maintenance recommendations for caring for your air conditioner. And if your air conditioner isn’t work properly, you can bring it into Loren's Auto Repair for evacuation and recharge services. This helps to prevent unnecessary repairs down the road.

New environmental laws have stopped the manufacture of Freon, a refrigerant that was common in cars made before 1993. Since there is a limited supply of Freon, it is expensive to use. Even so, using an Freon in an older vehicle can be beneficial if you have it retrofitted to use R134-A refrigerant. It will pay for itself in the long run. Give us a call at Loren's Auto Repair at 406-755-7757 for more information about air conditioning services and maintaining your system.

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