Customer Reviews Loren’s Auto Repair

Nancy G.
Loren's is very dependable and honest. Loren's looks for problems with my vehicle and let's me know before it breaks that I need to take care of something. Always have gotten me in right away and taken care of whatever I need to have done to my truck. Thanks very much!
on 5/17/2017 for an auto service
Rick & Linda B.
From my experience of living and working in Kalispell, and the auto repairs I've had done to my vehicles Loren's is by far the leading shop in town. Not only on repairs but also in car purchasing info. and tire purchasing Info. Thanks Guys. We'll miss you.
on 4/14/2017 for an auto service
I have already given a 2 referral cards!
on 3/22/2017 for an auto service
Michael K.
pricy, but, the best auto shop in town. you and your family's safety are worth it.
on 3/19/2017 for an auto service
Doug H.
Excellent, repeated great service.
on 3/8/2017 for an auto service
Kevin H.
I'd tell them the truth. We haven't had a bad experience here. Mark has always been helpful.
on 2/23/2017 for an auto service
Robert R.
Thorough, professional, complete trust
on 2/20/2017 for an auto service
Tom P.
come check out there shop
on 2/3/2017 for an auto service
I got a used car inspection completed with a full report and repair quote the same day I called to make an appointment. Helpful and thorough and friendly staff.
on 1/23/2017 for an auto service
Nancy G.
Yes I sure would recommend Loren's Auto Repair
on 1/19/2017 for an auto service
Felesha M.
Very professional! I was very pleased and relieved that there was someone to always answer the phones and they were extremely friendly and gave me undivided attention. Made me feel like a valued customer. When I picked up my car it was washed and it drove so much better!! It's about time I found an auto shop that can actually fix my car problems WITH excellent customer service.
on 1/18/2017 for an auto service
Would, and have, recommend.
on 1/10/2017 for an auto service
Nikki H.
Customer Service is outstanding! I am very impressed with the knowledge and the willingness to listen to and explain, in lamens terms, what is required to repair our car. The courtesy extended is something that, in past experiences, is unmatched. Just good people, plain and simple.
on 1/9/2017 for an auto service
Deb W.
I appreciate the quality and friendly service at Loren's.
on 1/4/2017 for an auto service
Patrick G.
They were great an vary carrying about my problem to solve it. I will return when needed no problem.
on 12/16/2016 for an auto service
Matthew Z.
Dependable. Goes out of the way to help out. Fast service. Honest...from what we've experienced.
on 12/13/2016 for an auto service
Doug K.
Top notch work. Got the vehicle in fast, found other problems that needed attention.
on 12/6/2016 for an auto service
They do good work, informative, flexible.
on 11/19/2016 for an auto service
Superb courtesy, loyalty and honoring warranty.
on 11/16/2016 for an auto service
Aimee L.
Loren's does a quality job at a fair price and has your car in and out
on 11/12/2016 for an auto service
Marney M.
There is no better Auto Repair shop in Kalispell!!
on 10/18/2016 for an auto service
K J P.
Being new to town is great however sometimes, finding new "service providers" can be challenging. I approach auto care very cautiously. I feel that the folks at Loren's are sincere and knowledgable...professional and personable. I feel they have chosen qualified personnel to take care of their customers. Necessary work was performed and recommendations were presented without being pushy about them. I feel there is shared respect and trust here.
on 10/11/2016 for an auto service
Shirley H.
I have never experienced such quality service for my vehicle! Thank you
on 9/3/2016 for an auto service
F.m. Cortez (.
Integrity,Honesty and Courtesy and simply the best shop in the valley.
on 8/31/2016 for an auto service
Awesome Service Advisors MArk and Cory are very informative to what the vehicles needs are.
on 8/24/2016 for an auto service
Jennifer C.
You walk in and they greet you by name. They are very friendly and very thorough with their work. They explain all the details of what needs to be done.
on 8/5/2016 for an auto service
Kevin H.
The only place I trust my cars.
on 7/28/2016 for an auto service
E. T.
Corey was great to work with. Excellent analysis, quick repairs, trustworthy communication and a refreshingly customer-centric brand. They really do care that your needs are met. I will be recommending them to anyone in need of auto repairs.
on 7/26/2016 for an auto service
I appreciate the thoroughness of their inspections. Recently we went on a long road trip and it was nice to know that our vehicle was in good shape for the miles we needed to travel.
on 7/11/2016 for an auto service
Lynette P.
I really appreciated the professionalism of the analysis and estimate and their flexibility with communication. They did a super job and I trust my car again!
on 6/4/2016 for an auto service
Jim P.
Always great professional service. Been taking my vehicles there for years and never had any issues with this business.
on 5/24/2016 for an auto service
They were so nice! Abs fast. My car ran perfectly after!
on 5/18/2016 for an auto service
I am a longtime customer. This most recent visit involved my wondering whether I needed to replace my brakes. I appreciate that the service tech, Mark, took me to my car to show me the corrosion on the brake rotors. I never feel that I'm be...
on 5/7/2016 for an auto service
Mark answered my question, scheduled my appointment very quickly, and kept me informed of their progress. I very much appreciated everything they did and the fact that they stayed in touch! They made my car repair experience a good one! ...
on 5/2/2016 for an auto service
Rebecca_john F.
It's nice to have the repairs done, on estimate , and professionally. Thanks Mark
on 4/28/2016 for an auto service
Brent S.
Very friendly and professional.
on 4/27/2016 for an auto service
Shirley H.
I value the fine service, professional attitude to solve problems for my vehicle. I never hesitate to call them and value their great attitude. Thank you!
on 4/21/2016 for an auto service
Robert S.
We broke down 40 miles north of Missoula and were stranded. We were towed to Loren's Auto by Robert of Ronan Towing. Robert went out of his way to help us as we had two dogs and a cat. He first took us to the hotel and unloaded the truck...
on 4/19/2016 for an auto service
Willard B.
Work done proficiently, as always. Honest, too. Grateful to have a reliable mechanic's shop in town.
on 4/15/2016 for an auto service
Cheryl M.
on 4/5/2016 for an auto service
Chasidy N.
Fantastic and fast! Having one vehicle is hard with a family. Loren's not only allowed the use of a loaner car, they had my car fixed and back on the road within a day.
on 4/3/2016 for an auto service
George W.
Again, great service from Mark, Ryan, and the rest of crew at Loren's Auto Repair.
on 3/26/2016 for an auto service
Susan B.
Excellent service with attention to detail! Goes beyond what is expected!! So glad I found this business!! Was happy to see they won "the best in Flathead" because they truly deserve this award!!
on 3/19/2016 for an auto service
Mark_virginia Z.
Perfect work, as always.
on 3/19/2016 for an auto service
Good car service and good customer service. Always enjoy talking with the group in front.
on 2/19/2016 for an auto service
Scott_susan C.
I have Loren's work on all my cars, 4 total, They always do an excellent job, wouldn't go anywhere else.
on 2/17/2016 for an auto service
Ron_sonny C.
I am so thankful you were able to get our truck in so quickly, loan us a car for a few hours and get us back on the road within a few hours. Thanks
on 2/10/2016 for an auto service
George F.
Great service....
on 2/1/2016 for an auto service
They always take care of me at Loren's.
on 1/29/2016 for an auto service
Noel L.
It is A great place to do business. They are always prompt and courteous and go the extra mile!
on 1/20/2016 for an auto service
Excellent Service and communications!
on 12/17/2015 for an auto service
Harlan F.
Excellent service - the gang at Loren's will take care of everything!
on 12/5/2015 for an auto service
George F.
Another very professional experience with great satisfaction.
on 12/4/2015 for an auto service
We bring all of our vehicles to Loren's. We recently helped our son purchase his first car and brought it in to Loren's for an oil change we pleased to find that we only had maintenance issues to deal with. They were thorough in their des...
on 12/3/2015 for an auto service
Great customer service. They really go out of their way to help you.
on 11/23/2015 for an auto service
Rick_linnea O.
Repairs were done on time with no fuss, price was exactly as quoted. Super friendly folks working there, too. Not the least expensive place in town, but trustworthy and reliable.
on 11/12/2015 for an auto service
George W.
Kaylan, Mark, and Ryan always take good care of my vehicle every time I have it serviced at Loren's Auto Repair. Top Notch Shop!!!
on 11/10/2015 for an auto service
George W.
I always go to Loren's with all of my auto service needs. Mark and Ryan always take good care of my vehicles and I can be assured of friendly high quality service each time I visit Loren's
on 10/17/2015 for an auto service
Jim P.
Always great working with the service department and always feel their recommendations, based on mechanic observations, are honest.
on 10/16/2015 for an auto service
Cory R.
Very good, always great to work with.
on 10/10/2015 for an auto service
Allan D.
Quality care and expert analysis on needed repairs to my Jeep.
on 10/9/2015 for an auto service
George W.
I had some extensive work done in my 2000 Toyota 4-Runner and Lorens performed their customary great service. Mark Lockwood, Ryan and the rest of the crew always take good care of me. I heartily recommend Loren's Auto Repair
on 10/8/2015 for an auto service
Great customer service as always. You may pay a little more then other shops but the work is done properly and they stand behind their work and parts all the time. Wonderful place to go to and I will always go back.
on 10/6/2015 for an auto service
Willard B.
Competent and friendly staff and technicians. Honest in all dealings. A pleasure to be served by them.
on 9/17/2015 for an auto service
Outstanding. The team at Loren's always takes excellent care of me and my vehicles. It is nice having a shop I can trust.
on 9/5/2015 for an auto service
Nancy H.
I was on vacation, when my car broke down. Loren's did a great job in a timely manner. I just wished I'd been asked to have the old CV joint that fell apart. My regular mechanic would have appreciated having the broken joint he'd installe...
on 9/1/2015 for an auto service
Patti L.
Kayla was great in answering my questions thank you so much
on 8/27/2015 for an auto service
Gene T.
This is a truly professional establishment. Communication with Mark, the service manager, was exemplary and the work (replacing an engine in our Mercedes ml320) resulted in an excellent outcome. Overall, we were favorably impressed.
on 8/21/2015 for an auto service
Caitlin M.
All of the people I spoke with were very helpful and courteous. They patiently listened to ny concerns and worked diligently to address them.
on 8/10/2015 for an auto service
Rebecca_john F.
We were glad for the detailed briefing on the vehicle you inspected for us. The information helped us not walk blindly into a bad purchase. Thanks
on 8/8/2015 for an auto service
Rebecca_john F.
I feel that there was good communication and an effort to keep me on the same page deciding options available.
on 8/2/2015 for an auto service
Great job, very fair I'd recommend
on 7/22/2015 for an auto service
Mark F.
I've literally never seen a better auto repair shop, and I've seen a lot of them in my time. It seems they have looked at everything wrong with dealership shops and private auto repair businesses, and ironed out all the kinks, from the tim...
on 7/16/2015 for an auto service
George W.
Loren,s Auto Repair always takes good care of my car. I heartily recommend Lorens for all of your automotive repair needs.
on 7/13/2015 for an auto service
Kirk J.
Great service... Prompt, courteous , and effective!
on 7/8/2015 for an auto service
Jennifer V.
Service at Loren's is excellent and this visit was no exception. Mark is always informative and goes above and beyond in providing superior customer service.
on 6/24/2015 for an auto service
A unique request to service the AC on my tractor was handled very well.
on 6/23/2015 for an auto service
Rick_linnea O.
LOVE the people and service. Always friendly and helpful. Printouts of their diagnostics are very useful for knowing what's up with your vehicle. Not the lowest prices in the valley, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Snag one of their...
on 6/20/2015 for an auto service
Whitney P.
Always a pleasure to deal with loren's!
on 6/17/2015 for an auto service
Friendly staff with great follow through!
on 6/14/2015 for an auto service
Ransom M.
Service was provided in a quick and timely fashion at a fair price
on 6/13/2015 for an auto service
Nathan B.
They have great service! I love the free car wash as well!
on 6/12/2015 for an auto service
Excellent as always. Loren's has wonderful customer service and great mechanics. They are great people who do great work on your car.
on 6/6/2015 for an auto service
Martin_susan G.
Very thorough diagnosis and reasonable prices, Good Quality workmanship.
on 6/4/2015 for an auto service
Rob D.
Best auto repair in Montana. The customer service. Extraordinary in today's world. No need to worry about trusting they are integrity!
on 5/29/2015 for an auto service
This is the second time I have brought my car in for an oil change and the service is just as good as the first. Great personnel with great attitudes. I highly recommend Loren's.
on 5/20/2015 for an auto service
David P.
I always appreciate the honesty and customer-focus Mark and the folks at Loren's provide. They only recommend what's needed to keep my family safe on the road, and I wouldn't take my trucks anywhere else!
on 5/14/2015 for an auto service
Patti L.
everyone was very helpful & my car was done fairly quick. I would recommend Loren's to a friend or family member
on 5/5/2015 for an auto service
Boni E.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Mark and the crew at Loren's went above and beyond in the work they did on my old GMC Jimmy. I will forever remember your kindness. I've been telling friends to go to your shop for their repairs.
on 5/5/2015 for an auto service
Allan D.
Always excellent care for my vehicles.
on 5/3/2015 for an auto service
Deb W.
it was a positive experience.
on 4/25/2015 for an auto service
Great service to fully check out things that require service
on 4/21/2015 for an auto service
Whitney P.
Really helpful service at an affordable price! I always know my car is in great hands!
on 4/17/2015 for an auto service
Excellent service! Loren's quickly diagnosed my truck problem and gave an estimate in-line with the final cost. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
on 4/15/2015 for an auto service
Jim P.
Always great mechanical & customer service.
on 4/9/2015 for an auto service
George W.
Mark and Ryan always take good care of my vehicle when I bring it in for service. I would recommend Lorens Auto Repair for all of your auto repair needs.
on 3/12/2015 for an auto service
prompt courteous service
on 3/10/2015 for an auto service
Martin_susan G.
Great service and reasonable pricing. Much better than most shops.
on 2/24/2015 for an auto service
Great as always
on 2/14/2015 for an auto service
Always a pleasant experience.
on 2/9/2015 for an auto service
Very professional & friendly. Work was done in a timely fashion and truck is running well. With a 45 point inspection the concern would be that they could try and recommend half if not more of those items to be worked on, and in the end it ...
on 1/29/2015 for an auto service
Your technicians and service personnel are always professional and courteous. One feels one has put one's vehicle in competent hands and will be treated honestly and ethically. This allows trust in dealing with vehicles problems, a precious...
on 1/22/2015 for an auto service
Ryan P.
After spending a significant amount of money with Loren's over the last month my wallet hurts but I know I have been well taken care of, the job was done very well and my family will be safe in our vehicle. Their thoroughness in fixing prob...
on 1/15/2015 for an auto service
Don_lisa I.
Honest, friendly, reliable. Not much more I could ask for in a mechanic.
on 1/14/2015 for an auto service
Martin_susan G.
Good work! Very timely manner and great pricing. Would and have recommend to others.
on 1/13/2015 for an auto service
Jennifer C.
My first time at Lorens auto was a good experience. I really was pleased with how well they explained their work on my vehicle when I came to pick it up. And also explained to me future things to be aware of on my vehicle with no pressure t...
on 1/9/2015 for an auto service
Tom D.
Loren's has great customer service. Mark, their service advisor, is knowledgeable, honest, and great to work with. Their mechanical staff is knowledgeable, skilled, and reliable. I highly recommended Loren's for your service needs. Yo...
on 1/8/2015 for an auto service
Judy G.
Excellent Customer Service. I am sure there are other good mechanic shops in town, but Loren's has top notch, #! customer service.
on 1/7/2015 for an auto service
Arthur M.
Thanks Again Guys!!! You are my one & only mechanic that I have. You have always done exceptional work. When you give me an estimate you always come in under the amount you tell me it will be. I can always count on you getting my vehicle in...
on 1/6/2015 for an auto service
Great service and the Customer Service was excellent as well. Definitely recommend!!
on 12/17/2014 for an auto service
Very Quick & Good service.
on 12/11/2014 for an auto service
George W.
Great Auto Service Mark and the rest of the crew always do a great job for me.
on 11/24/2014 for an auto service
Steve M.
Just like always. Fast, friendly, very reasonable. Nice environment while waiting.
on 11/19/2014 for an auto service
Kyle D.
Loren's Auto Repair is awesome. Great service, great staff...they have taken great care of my vehicles and I highly recommend them.
on 11/12/2014 for an auto service
Mark Or Heidi R.
The loner car was a life saver. Thanks for understanding my busy schedule and helping me.
on 11/7/2014 for an auto service
I highly recommend Loren's for major and routine vehicle maintenance. My 10 year old vehicle needed some major work this past summer. The work was done when promised and for the estimated cost. It now runs great even with well over 100,000 ...
on 11/6/2014 for an auto service
Odette G.
They are so wonderful. Like car ws ash.
on 8/7/2014 for an auto service
Carol F.
Always a good experience when we bring our automobiles to your shop. We have confidence in what you tell us and feel that the charges will be fair. Thank you, Carol Fisher and her sister, Julie Maguire
on 7/28/2014 for an auto service
Randall H.
on 7/22/2014 for an auto service
Reliable work I can trust and excellent customer service.
on 7/21/2014 for an auto service
George W.
As always Mark and the folks at Lorens took good care of me yesterday on my oil/filter change on my 2002 LEXUS. Lorens, the only place to go for great auto service.
on 7/15/2014 for an auto service
Gary And T.
Always my shop of choice. Worth needing to make an appointment. Service always complete and accurate, thorough and yet reasonable. I keep my vehicles to 200,000 miles and the base of the long service is the care at Loren's.
on 7/8/2014 for an auto service
Anonymous On time. Reminded me a 90K service was needed before too long.
on 7/1/2014 for an auto service
I am a summer visitor to Whitefish from Phoenix. Last year, Loren's repaired my Mercedes and did an outstanding job - well-priced and fair. They even provided me with a loaner car. This year, I had an issue with my Lexus and there is no ...
on 6/14/2014 for an auto service
Allan D.
Always feel like I receive quality service on our vehicles.
on 6/7/2014 for an auto service
Raymond D.
Excellent service here at Loren's! Had electrical problem and these experts found and fixed the issue quickly! We also brought our Amsoil products for an oil & filter change and labor was amazingly reasonable!! Loren's Auto is our new trust...
on 6/3/2014 for an auto service
Steve M.
They did a great job diagnosing my cars issues. Quick oil, lube, filter perfect. Nice friendly staff. Thanks, folks. I'll be back!
on 5/28/2014 for an auto service
Fran T.
timely, efficient, friendly & effective!
on 5/6/2014 for an auto service
Linda R.
Service was done quickly and the people are always friendly! Customers surely appreciate that.
on 5/2/2014 for an auto service
Mary D.
Getting an appointment was easy and I loved being able to communicate with the shop online. They began the repair on time and it was finished in 30 minutes with the belts replaced, the bill paid and the car washed. The service at the front...
on 4/10/2014 for an auto service
George W.
The folks at Loren's always take excellent care of me and my Lexus. Mark and Ryan are top notch and always take good care of me.
on 4/9/2014 for an auto service
Linda R.
Greeted quickly as usual and the maintenance procedure was completed with a short wait. They are always friendly and ready to answer questions
on 4/3/2014 for an auto service
Daniel C.
Been there twice now for two different repairs.I will be using Loren's for any other car issues I have.
on 3/22/2014 for an auto service
Linda R.
Always a good experience
on 3/4/2014 for an auto service
Linda R.
Everything went according to schedule and everyone was professional and courteous
on 2/20/2014 for an auto service
They did a very through inspection and even replaced a missing bolt for me free of charge. They are a bit expensive, but they do high quality work.
on 2/13/2014 for an auto service
Judy B.
My service was performed in a timely manner and with the utmost courtesy. I was provided with a vechicle and this I really appreciate. My back seat window and door sealer seemed to have been forgotten as it was not glued.
on 2/3/2014 for an auto service
Glen_norma ..
I have a lot of work done at Loren's this last year and very pleased with the results. Another benefit for me is that I live only a mile and a half away. Glen
on 1/18/2014 for an auto service
Linda W.
The employees at Loren's are always friendly, fast, and honest. And I love getting a clean car when they are finished!
on 1/14/2014 for an auto service
Tom D.
Loren's provided great customer service and their repair was exactly as promised. Appreciated the loaner car and quick turn around on our repair. Thanks to John for doing a great job on the repair and to Rick for excellent customer servic...
on 1/11/2014 for an auto service
Bob S.
Service was great Mark and the crew took very good care of our vehicle and had it done quicker than expected. Would really like to say thanks to Mark especially for his excellent communication with me keeping me up to date on the way the jo...
on 1/11/2014 for an auto service
First appointment at Loren's 12/2/2013 -- My new go-to for all auto repair and maintenance. I booked my request for an appointment online for brakes work and an inspection. From the moment I hit the send key I was overwhelmed with the high...
on 12/9/2013 for an auto service
Robert W.
Got a flyer in the mail and decided to try them out. Good decision. I will be going back
on 11/24/2013 for an auto service
George W.
Great place to have your vehicle serviced. Rick,and Mark in the office always take good care of me and Bryan in the service area is tops when it comes to service on my Lexus.
on 11/16/2013 for an auto service
The staff was polite and honest, the information from the 46 point visual inspection seemed complete. My high mile used car needs so many repairs it may have to be sold for parts to someone with the same vehicle. A small rock was also found...
on 11/7/2013 for an auto service
I had a semi-emergency with my truck & trailer, as i needed both for hauling gear for a hunting trip. We all know nothing is more important in the Flathead at this time of year than hunting, right? I was able to get in same day, and the t...
on 11/5/2013 for an auto service
Eric M.
Rick did a great job getting my truck done, i will use you again and soon. thanks Eric Mongar
on 10/18/2013 for an auto service
Consistently fine service over the many, many years I've relied on Loren's to keep my vehicles safe & reliable..
on 10/15/2013 for an auto service
Kenco S.
We really appreciate how quickly you are able to get our fleet vehicles on the road so my technicians can do their jobs!! Your staff is very pleasant to work with and I love getting my quotes via email!
on 10/3/2013 for an auto service
Appt fit my schedule. The car was done earlier than promised. A clean car and competent techs.
on 9/20/2013 for an auto service
Jim T.
Your service is always top notch. Your estimates always seem high for repair work, but often the final bill is significantly below the estimate, as you base them on worst-case scenario. Candidly, I liked your outfit better when I could deal...
on 9/16/2013 for an auto service
Judy G.
Great customer service. Excellent work. They stand behind their work 100%
on 9/10/2013 for an auto service
Paula F.
The staff at Loren's is always honest, courteous, efficient, and friendly. As a single woman I have had times in the past where mechanics have been ...not so honest and it has cost me a lot. So thank you, for great TRUSTWORTHY service! I ha...
on 9/5/2013 for an auto service
William A.
We have had 3 repairs done in the last 2 years - including a transmission problem. Would definitely recommend Loren's Auto repair. They offer great service - reasonable prices and fast repairs. Thanks for for all the great service :).
on 8/26/2013 for an auto service
Gary D.
Very clean shop with professional atmosphere. Complex repair completed ahead of schedule and on budget. Vehicle runs great!
on 8/14/2013 for an auto service
George W.
I always receive great service on my Lexus at Loren's Auto Repair
on 7/17/2013 for an auto service
George W.
Great Service
on 7/17/2013 for an auto service
Absolutely great service and positive experience getting repairs on my 2004 Honda. No surprises. Trustworthy shop. They gave me a ride to and from my house, when I dropped my vehicle off, and when it was ready to pick up.
on 7/11/2013 for an auto service
Barbara C.
Loren's Auto has been indispensable in taking care of our vehicles for many years. My husband has medical issues and a dependable method of getting him to dialysis is critical. The folks at Loren's have gone out of their way to work with ...
on 7/4/2013 for an auto service
Martin_susan G.
Your staff is awesome. This is not the first time you have worked on our vehicles. I trust your mechanics more so than any of the local dealerships. I will certainly refer my friends and relatives to you.
on 6/26/2013 for an auto service
Caroline S.
Very professional, they answer any questions until you truly understand what's going on.
on 6/19/2013 for an auto service
Jim P.
I always receive great service at Loren's, but it would have been nice to receive a copy of the 45 point inspection, even though there were no issues pointed out to me. Also, a car wash was noted on my sheet, but the car wasn't washed, pro...
on 6/1/2013 for an auto service
Craig H.
Just a checkup and recommendation, but fair price and paperwork. Clean professional shop and nice use of modern technology in customer service. Great!
on 5/24/2013 for an auto service
I was impressed by the clean shop, the attitudes were wonderful! I am a little confused tho. They said both my front rotors (brakes) were warped, but only 1 is. I had one of them replaced a few months ago.
on 5/23/2013 for an auto service
Keep up the great work. Done well, done on time, done at at a more than reasonable price.
on 4/30/2013 for an auto service
Judy G.
Everyone is very professional and polite. They do everything they can to make the customer happy. Thank you for being such a great company to work with.
on 4/23/2013 for an auto service
Verlyn K.
EXperience was good!Thanks
on 4/10/2013 for an auto service
Rick_linda P.
Thanks so much for washing my dirty vehicle! I was so pleasantly surprised!
on 4/3/2013 for an auto service
Mickie R.
Appreciate all your hard work!
on 3/30/2013 for an auto service
Thanks for the great service with friendly people!
on 3/29/2013 for an auto service
Kara M.
Thank you for the great service. My check engine light came on, do they ran a diagnostic. Not only did they find out what was wrong but they visually showed me other problems so i could fix them in the future. Friendly service and reason...
on 3/28/2013 for an auto service
Willard B.
Quick and effective service. They know what they are doing, and save me money.
on 3/22/2013 for an auto service
Trudy B.
Our experience was very positive. Luckily the shop was not too busy to work on our truck and got everything done that afternoon. Everyone was polite and professional.
on 3/19/2013 for an auto service
Robert W.
I thought the team at Loren's auto repair did a great job on my 2004 econo-van. I can really tell the difference in how the van runs
on 3/8/2013 for an auto service
Fairly priced I believe. Friendly service! I'll be back!
on 3/7/2013 for an auto service
Gary And T.
Needed a 100,000 mile plus checkup. They went through the vehicle and found all the things I suspected needed attention and a few I was unaware of. Now I can travel without concerns of maintenance failures away from home. Done timely and at...
on 3/6/2013 for an auto service
George W.
I always have received great service from Lorens Auto Service. The staff and service technicians are top notch and they do a remarkable job in servicing my vehicle
on 3/6/2013 for an auto service
Rachel G.
Staff was friendly and didnt make me feel stupid while I was trying to explain what was wrong with my car like the last place I went to. Wish the diagnosis was cheaper though.
on 3/2/2013 for an auto service
Robert W.
I found the staff at Loren's Auto Repaire to be very helpful,nice and respectful to me. They explained what needed to be done on my van and actually showed me what need to be done by visual inspection,and i was really impressed.The staff di...
on 3/1/2013 for an auto service
Everett D.
Loren's handled my problem in a most professional manner including explaining all my options, finding me the best solution, and completing the repairs in an expert manner. I have trusted Loren's with my service needs in the past and will c...
on 2/15/2013 for an auto service
Always easy to work with and thorough, even to the point of finding things wrong with the car that I didn't even know about!
on 2/13/2013 for an auto service
Was very pleased with the service.
on 2/13/2013 for an auto service
Alex M.
I was not happy with the news they had to give me about my car, as it's now been determined that it's on it's last legs. But, they gave me all the options I had and were professional and courteous.
on 2/13/2013 for an auto service
Willard B.
Had the computer software to change the ignition cylinder and provide new keys. Also, I am pleased that you check everything, so I know my car stays in top condition. I want to keep this 10-year old car another 10 years. I think, with yo...
on 2/5/2013 for an auto service
Jarrod P.
Very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the work performed. Service was excellent. Will return when have the need of further work.
on 1/31/2013 for an auto service
Gary And Cheri ..
Fast, very friendly, quickly diagnosed and solved my recent car problem and at a very reasonable rate. I highly recommend Loren's as I have been going there for vehicle service for many years. I have never received such reliable and thoroug...
on 1/19/2013 for an auto service
John (jack) F. ..
Did excellent work and finished ahead of schedule. Called to notify us it was ready. Good Work.
on 1/18/2013 for an auto service
Nathan B.
Excellent job!
on 1/12/2013 for an auto service
Your service was great as always. Thank you!
on 1/3/2013 for an auto service
Jim T.
I've had lots of experience with Loren's Auto Repair and have never felt overcharged. After reading other's bad reviews, I'm sure the issue is with the estimates, rather than the actual charges. Loren's will never lowball an estimate. In fa...
on 12/21/2012 for an auto service
Jim T.
Your excellent rating comes with a caveat: While You've never lowballed an estimate, they seem at first take, almost extravagant. I realize work at the level you provide isn't in any way cheap, but on my Social Security income it may be pro...
on 12/15/2012 for an auto service
Jennifer B.
Excellent service!
on 12/6/2012 for an auto service
Linda C.
Not ever having a mechanic in the area in the past I was happy to find a place where I can feel comfortable taking my vehicle for something other than an oil change. Frequently women like myself who no longer have a man in the house are gi...
on 12/3/2012 for an auto service
The service at Loren's is excellent. Plan to return in the future!
on 11/26/2012 for an auto service
Jennifer B.
I was grateful for a knowledgable staff whom took the time to show me all the problems with my vehicle... not just tell me. They provided such awesome customer service and worked well with my needs. I do find that prices are a little high f...
on 11/14/2012 for an auto service
Barry (chip) B.
on 11/12/2012 for an auto service
We took our car to Loren's for an oil change and inspection after years of going to the dealer we bought the car from. We are happy that we made the switch. Loren's is the only place we will take our vehicles. They are honest and great to w...
on 11/10/2012 for an auto service
George W.
Brian did a professional job on my 2002 Lexus. I had the oil and oil filter changed and Briian managed to do the job without spilling a drop of oil down the front of the engine and down into the frame. I have not had that kind of service...
on 11/6/2012 for an auto service
Willard B.
The advisors and mechanics are competent, as well as cordial and prompt.
on 10/26/2012 for an auto service
Gary And T.
Happened to be free for a couple hours so stopped by in middle of afternoon to schedule an oil change. They were able to get me in while I waited. Great service done right.
on 10/12/2012 for an auto service
Linda B.
Took my pick up in to Lorens they had replaced my oil lines and they started leaking well it had been just past the year warranty so they got the parts house to rplace my lines and we share3d the labor which was aweesom.
on 10/11/2012 for an auto service
Gary And Cheri ..
Fast, friendly, honest, high quality vehicle service. I will happily continue to keep my vehicles healthy at Loren's and keep up on preventive care and recommended maintenance.
on 10/3/2012 for an auto service
Steve_lee M.
This is my second major repair with Loren's. For six months my truck was burning oil like crazy. I thought it probably needed an expensive ring job and put the repair off, thinking a buying a new truck. I got with Rick at Lorens and he ...
on 9/22/2012 for an auto service
Gary And T.
Had an emergency come up overnight and my wife needed to drive to Colorado the next day. Her vehicle was scheduled for service but the day after she needed to leave. Even though shop was at full schedule, Sabin was willing to add one more t...
on 9/7/2012 for an auto service
I knew these guys were extremely busy, but they fit me into their schedule on short notice. I was worried about my road trip and got me ready. Excellent service every time!
on 9/7/2012 for an auto service
Valarie R.
Really appreciated everything they did for me. I was stranded without a car after breaking down on a trip. Even though Loren's was totally swamped, they were able to fix my car a day earlier than expected. Thank you!
on 8/20/2012 for an auto service
Barbara C.
Very pleased with the work you do as always. Thanks for your consideration and care
on 8/11/2012 for an auto service
Ron K.
Courteous and friendly. Quotes for repairs-they stick to their original quote. Do excellent work and have your vehicle ready when promised.
on 8/2/2012 for an auto service
Lori, J.
We are always pleased with your work. It would be nice if you would allow a discount for non-profit. It would be tax deductible on your taxes. Thank You. Judy
on 7/26/2012 for an auto service
They are easy to work with and usually get me in right away. I recommend them to everyone!
on 7/25/2012 for an auto service
George W.
Loren's always does a great job servicing my Lexus. I make a point of taking my vehicle to Loren's whenever it's time for an oil change
on 7/25/2012 for an auto service
Tom B.
I had a 15 year old "ranch truck" Chevy pickup that had been pressed into more regular service, and needed some professional TLC. Specifically, the A/C was not working and was the catalyst for me bringing it into a specialist. They were e...
on 7/25/2012 for an auto service
Ida_bert J.
Received quality professional care at Loren's! I'm going back for everything. Had a few sensor lights going off and a wiper that was damaged. They fixed everything and found ways to save me $ without jeopardizing my safety. The car was d...
on 7/24/2012 for an auto service
Well explained diagnosis, problem and various options and costs to cure. I got to choose without any undue pressure to opt for the most expensive.
on 7/14/2012 for an auto service
John & Linda E.
I dropped off our Chevy Pickup with an ongoing air conditioner problem. The shop was extremely busy but you still managed to get the pickup in and fixed and back to me within about two hours. I really appreciate the fact that you have sto...
on 7/9/2012 for an auto service
Kay M.
Excellent service as usual. Rick and Jared do all they can to make vehicle repair and maintenance for a vehicle-repair-chall?enged woman as painless as possible.
on 7/7/2012 for an auto service
Dawn P.
We were traveling from So. California for a wedding and experienced unexpected trouble with our car. Per AAA's recommendation we went to Loren's Auto repair. Despite their full service schedule they fixed us up and save us hundreds of doll...
on 7/3/2012 for an auto service
I moved to Kalispell in 2005 and asked for recommendations for automotive care. Loren's was recommended quite highly. I have found the service to be honest, excellent and fairly priced.
on 6/30/2012 for an auto service
Loren's did a great job. courteous and efficient in all areas
on 6/26/2012 for an auto service
Gary And T.
I went in for the basic lube, oil and filter but the technician noticed the air and cabin filters were needy of replacement which was done in the same visit. They also checked and found my serpentine belt is heading toward the end of its f...
on 6/16/2012 for an auto service
Steve W.
Great service right from the first call. The most organized shop I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Love the email follow up and referral program.
on 6/4/2012 for an auto service
James N.
I went to Loren to get 3 or 4 of the most important problems fixed - I thought I'd save a couple more items for later. They not only fixed what I requested but found a few more important things, including the ones I was going to delay. Af...
on 6/2/2012 for an auto service
Keith S.
The personnel at Loren's did a great job of taking care of our air conditioning and brake work. They told us exactly what the believed it was going to cost and actually came in under that amount. They were able to get the vehicle in quickly...
on 6/2/2012 for an auto service
Mike A.
you guys are good. ghost problem is gone in the 91 dodge, 500hp truck is running so stong, mike aastrom
on 6/2/2012 for an auto service
Loren's auto repair is a clean auto shop both in the garages and in the sitting room/offices. The guys at the front desk are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I took a half star off only for my wait time - I thought it went a little l...
on 5/28/2012 for an auto service
Kay M.
Job done well, car washed, loaner car provided. Thank you!
on 5/26/2012 for an auto service
Chris C.
The battery in my truck started draining overnight for some unknown reason. Tried to figure out why on my own and it was like finding a needle in a haystack. Took it to Loren's and they traced it to a relay that wasn't shutting off. It took...
on 5/19/2012 for an auto service
Odette G.
Good service, like the car wash, will be back
on 5/17/2012 for an auto service
Linda L.
I took my auto in to have it inspected for a trip I plan to take next month. The service was prompt & courtious. My car came out shinning and & ready for my trip.All was well. Thanks Loren's Linda
on 4/24/2012 for an auto service
Gary And T.
I have been a customer for more than 20 years and have used Loren's for all my mechanical service and repairs. I am never disappointed and always come away having received my money's worth. I appreciate the preventative maintenance and not...
on 4/24/2012 for an auto service
Tech P.
I took my Toyota to Loren's based on a referral. Another shop in town was unable to diagnose my electrical issue. Loren's was able to diagnose and repair it in an afternoon. Very happy with my experience.
on 4/19/2012 for an auto service
Doug_stacy F.
I'll give this business a refurial to anyone.
on 4/19/2012 for an auto service
Please........ do not text to my phone as this is not a service I subscribed to and will not answer.
on 4/19/2012 for an auto service
Tejas R.
These guys do great work. I have used them for years and never hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
on 4/19/2012 for an auto service