Fuel System Cleaning at Loren’s Auto Repair for Better Performance

Hi Kalispell drivers. Let’s talk fuel injectors. A fuel injector is a valve that delivers fuel to a vehicle’s engine. It has to deliver the precise amount of fuel, to precisely the right place, precisely when the engine needs it. The fuel also has to be mixed with air before it can burn in the […]

Fuel Injection: It Keeps Getting Better for Kalispell Drivers

Kalispell drivers know that engines need to burn fuel to operate. Fuel is pumped from your fuel tank to your Subaru engine where it is squirted—or injected—into your engine’s cylinders. This is the function of the fuel injectors. There are two ways to inject fuel into an engine. Fuel needs air to burn, so in […]

Clean Fuel Makes a Happy Engine In Kalispell, MT

    If the fuel system in your Subaru is dirty, you will be hurting your MPG and losing performance as you drive around Kalispell, MT. Unless they drive a vintage car, Kalispell drivers have fuel injectors which need to be properly maintained. That is why your Subaru owner’s manual has a schedule for cleaning […]

Higher Mileage Service Intervals For Kalispell

Kalispell motorists have probably noticed that the government mandates a lot of equipment on cars: emission devices and control computers; safety equipment like airbags; and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the motoring public in Kalispell but it does add quite a bit to the price of a new car in MT. […]

Maintaining Your Diesel in Kalispell

Your browser does not support video Diesel engines have been used extensively in Europe and Asia for many years. They haven’t been as common in Kalispell because of the high sulfur content in our diesel fuel. But the government is now mandating lower sulfur content and, as a result, we are going to see more […]

Fuel Injection Basics For Kalispell

All modern Kalispell vehicles come with fuel injection systems, so it’s a topic Kalispell motorists need to know something about. The mighty fuel injector is a valve that delivers the gas or diesel fuel to the right place, in the right amount, at the right time; to be mixed with air and burned in the engine. […]